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Designed by taking the best of existing designs like the US built Kan-ski, I measured the amount I needed to widen the cage, designed both a new cage and a plywood ski using Autocad, and had them built. It cost a lot less than a commercial ski, and was tailored to my size and lack of ability. The ski is 2100 mm long, quite wide at 350 mm, and made of three layers of 6 mm marine plywood epoxied together. This makes it incredibly strong and not too floaty to start off. I found the foam core fibreglass skis very difficult to try to stabilise under me when starting as they try to pop out from under and tip you over. It has a notch at the front with a block that holds onto the ski-rope making starts much easier for a quad with limited strength like me.

That was early January 1996. The first handle back then was a standard single handle with a toggle for the easy-up starting block.

Well, January 1998 saw us back skiing on the Marray near Waikerie in South Australia. A new handle design proved a great success.

Made from an alloy 'cow-horn' style racing bike handle, threaded with ski rope and with padding at the curves, it allows a C5-C6 quad like me to hold on with my forearms hooked under instead of through. Much easier to get into position and a stronger grip. I can now ski up to 10 miles in one hit with my grip being OK only my body starts to collapse down onto my knees, making breathing difficult. The handle is still safe as it is very easy to release, all I need to do is relax. For a better view have a look at the closeup photo.

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Last revised 10 December, 2000.

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