Colin's Sports

My special interests are in yachting, water skiing, snow skiing and stunt kite flying, along with designing and manufacturing equipment for those sports. That way people, with disabilities like mine, can have abilities instead of disabilities and join their friends in mainstream activities. (I see my glass is half full not half empty!)

I have never really been involved in team sports and wheelchair specific ones don't really interest me. I don't do enough training to take them seriously. (Part of that old problem of not enough time or money and too much time and energy spent earning a crust.)

Snow skiing has been enjoyed since 1988, I use a ski designed by George McPherson in 1987 and further developed with my collaboration. For further details of this, with photos and a story of the design process, I have included a copy of a CadUser article. There is also information on the snow ski or Sit-Bo design that has been developed by George and myself.

Water skiing was a sport I got back into in 1996, I collected what information was available, then designed and built my own ski. For further details on my water skiing, with photos, jump to the water skiing page.

Mid 1997, at a boat show, I saw a cute little yacht design suitable for someone of my physical ability to sail single handed. Subsequently I saw them again, and tried sailing them on the Yarra, at a disability products expo in Melbourne. They are designed and manufactured by a company here in Melbourne called Access Dinghies and are called the '2.3' after their length of 2.3 metres. After talking to the people involved and trying their new prototype '303' that is, you guessed it, 3.03 metres long I now will have an interest that should get me outdoors and onto the water a lot more.

It is great to be able to sail independently in a simple but very effective and safe yacht. With a weighted centreboard, deck-chair like seat inside, steering via a joystick between your legs and a very simple sail, they are very stable, even when pushed hard. Some models even have fully electric steering and winching. I am able to sail their manual version of the 2.3 and 303 and will have some of my own photos soon. A web site with more information is Sailability.

SAAB automobiles have been my favourite cars since 1979 when the first 900s were promoted in Australia. I have driven them since 1986. I love the original SAAB 900 combi coupe shape, its suitability to wheelchair transfers and its safety features. For SAAB enthusiasts check out my four wheel fetish.