What is Gizmo Bytes?

It is a part-time design business involved in printed product creation, design of sports equipment (especially for wheelchair users), Computer Aided Design drafting and graphic design.

Internet site creation is also now another product, with this site being a basic example.

Feel free to contact me regarding product or document design or development. I believe that a more free exchange of knowledge is the quickest way towards better products. Don't reinvent the wheel if someone else already has, but collaborate to improve the axle and thereby improve the overall unit.

Where did the name Gizmo Bytes come from???

A brief autobiography of Colin.

Colin's Resume is available for viewing if you are interested. 

Check out some of my selection of interesting and/or related sites.

You can also see photos of the home I designed.

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For any further information, possible link incorporation, or feedback on the site, e-mail me on colin@gizbytes.com.

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Last revised 10 December, 2000.