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To develop my skills in Project Management. To develop some of my product designs to commercialisation stage. With my knowledge of design, graphics, text, and some programming functionality, I can co-ordinate a team to achieve a desired goal.

I have always designed things for ny own use, from my home to wheelchairs and other products. My skills lie in being able to take designs from graphic designers and make them suitable for optimised web delivery, edit supplied content for consistency and web browsing readability, scope projects in discussion with experts in back end applications, determine logical navigation pathways, methods and structure, and then pull all these functions together into a maintainable, functional website.

I am also experienced in technical quoting, writing Service Level Agreements and procedures, negotiating with contractors and being a main contact for all interested stakeholders in a website, large or small.

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Academic Achievements

Graduate Diploma in Ergonomics, Latrobe University, (Lincoln Institute) 1981-1982

Entrepreneurial Business Development Course, Preston TAFE (1984)

Bachelor of Science, University of Melbourne (3rd year to be completed 197577), returned 1993 to B.Sc. Monash, part-time.

Membership of professional bodies

Member of the Ergonomics Society of Australia (MESA)

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Technical Training

Certificate IV in Electronic Publishing, at RMIT ( 1996 1997)

Modules completed:

  • Printing Industry Structure and Methods:
  • Introduction to Personal Computers
  • Workplace Communication
  • Typography and layout for Electronics Publishing
  • Text and Graphic Manipulation - PageMaker
  • Text and Graphic Manipulation - Quark Express
  • Graphic Manipulation - PhotoShop
  • Illustration Applications - Illustrator
  • Illustration Applications - CorelDraw
  • Image Input - Scanning 1 (Tone Reproduction)
  • Advanced Typography (Book Production)
  • Image Input - Scanning 2 (Colour Reproduction)
  • Colour Measurement
  • Book creation

Short courses

  • Web Publishing (2000)
  • Dreamweaver (1999)
  • Database use in websites (1998)
  • PhotoShop 3 (1996)
  • Colour for Desktop (1995)
  • CorelDraw (1995)
  • Producing Interesting Newsletters (1995)
  • Customer Service (1995)
  • Excel (1994)
  • Quality Improvement (1994)
  • PageMaker 5.0 (1993)
  • Freehand (1993)
  • Quark (1993)


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Employment experience

Web Editor, Kangan Batman TAFE, January 1999 - present


  • Carried out all the changes apart from database construction for ASP pages.
  • Convinced Departments to be involved in their own webpages.
  • Initiated changes to the contents to be up-to-date.
  • Carried out major changes to structure and navigation of site.
  • Created procedures to monitor and schedule revues of website contents.
  • Designed new graphics, frame structure and icons of site.
  • Implemented a customer service style to carry out most minor updates ASAP.
  • Established a free e-mail service giving .

Other Institute responsibilities:

  • Sexual Harassment Contact Officer
  • PFES Committee (Determines salary level for all non-executive Institute Position Descriptions)

Ergonomics Lecturer, Certificate IV in OHS, Kangan Batman TAFE, February - June 1998 (extra part-time position)


  • Deliver and develop course in Ergonomics 1 for the Certificate IV course in Occupational Health and Safety.

Electronic Publisher, Marketing Unit, Kangan Batman TAFE (previously Kangan Institute of TAFE, and prior to that, Broadmeadows College of TAFE), January 1994 - January 1998 (moved to new position of Web Editor)


  • Co-ordinate and produce publications (including brochures, newsletters, advertising, fliers), includes writing, editing, designing, desk top publishing, production decisions and print management;
  • Ensure all publications are of a high standard and are meet Kangan Institute standards;
  • Edit, proofread, design and layout industry newsletters;
  • Revamp, write editorial, edit, proofread, design and layout staff and student newsletters;
  • Improve the College graphics through use of CorelDraw and PhotoShop;
  • Control of new graphics associated with new name and visual identity, including production of templates for fax and memorandum sheets;
  • Introduce colour slides and transparencies for presentations, both within Australian and overseas;
  • To have assumed the day to day management of the unit for six months as a result of management vacancies;
  • Finalist in Cathay Pacific Customer Service Award. Won School award;
  • Appointed Sexual Harassment Officer;
  • Part of the Institute Webmaster Editorial Team.

Ergonomist, Designer and Computer Manager, Executive Office Interiors Pty Ltd (now Stylecraft Interiors), South Melbourne, 1985 - 1993


  • Design office layouts using AutoCad, meeting tender and sales deadlines;
  • Liaise with sales representatives, subcontractors and clients to ensure achievement of design expectations;
  • Establish and maintain consultancy service addressing ergonomic issues;
  • Manage all company computers - including selection, installation, problem solving, maintenance, training, backup and other housekeeping requirements;
  • Create, customise, implement and maintain AutoCad system. The system was then used
  • nationally to enable
  • smooth communication between the organisation and architects.

Design Consultant (part-time), Myrtleford Electrics, Myrtleford, 1989 - 1993


  • Train engineer/manager in use of AutoCad software to facilitate design;
  • Produce promotions package to attract funding for design of `Sit-Bo' snow ski for wheelchair users ;
  • Design and test prototype units;
  • Negotiate sale of international manufacturing rights to a USA company.

Technical Journalist (part-time), CadUSER Magazine, Melbourne, 1989 - 1992


  • Assess software and hardware products for the Australian and New Zealand markets;
  • Produce critical review articles.

Editor (part-time), Victorian AutoCad Users' Group Magazine, 1989 - 1992


  • Develop layout and design of magazine using PageMaker (format and design still used);
  • Scan graphics for import and compile articles;
  • Edit, determine graphics layout and convert document files to be suitable for import;
  • Procure funding through sale of commercial advertising space.

Consultant, Self Employed, 1978 - 1985


  • Design and renovate homes for people with disabilities;
  • Develop national accessible home design scheme for H.I.A. (Canberra);
  • Trained Architects for H.I.A. in accessible design;
  • Design and manufacture of equipment, including driving aids, medical components, and equipment;
  • Design `Gown of the Year' catwalk backdrop;
  • Consult for companies and public sector agencies on ergonomic and accessibility issues;
  • Co-ordinate and instruct in Safety Officers' Certificate Course - Melbourne TAFE.

Cadetship in Microbiology, Department of Agriculture, Melbourne, 1975 - 1977

"E" Class Administrator, Victorian Public Service, Supply Branch, Victorian Police, 1974 - 1975


  • Work in a team environment to complete the assigned duties;
  • Establish rapport with other related departments to facilitate better information flow.

Manager, Hades Hot-Bread Kitchen, Glenroy, 1973 - 1974


  • Develop skills to deal with the public and company employees;
  • Payroll function of making all staff pays, according to awards;
  • Maintain all branch company paperwork;
  • Stock control allowing for fluctuations to maximise sales yet minimise waste.


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Publications and presentations

  • Victorian Disabled Skiers' Association's Ski Guide Training Programme - `Skiing and the Paraplegic/Quadriplegic-Safety, Equipment and Disability Awareness' (1990 - 1994)
  • Articles and product reviews in CadUSER Australia and New Zealand (1991 - 1993)
  • Ergonomics Society of Australia, 25th Annual National Conference - `Ergonomics, CADD and the Small Business' (1987)
  • First AutoCad Users' Conference - `Use of 3D in Office Design' (1987)
  • Technical Aids for the Disabled, Australian Seminar on seating and posture control - `Dynamic Seating Requirements for Manual Wheelchair Users' (1983)
  • Rehabilitation Engineering Society of North America (R.E.S.N.A. Magazine) - `Determination of Wheelchair Design Criteria' (1982)


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  • 1996 Customer Service Award for School of Training and Development, Kangan Institute of TAFE
  • Inaugural World Champion Quadriplegic Snow-skier (1991)
  • Recipient of the `R.E. Ross Trust' Grant - Finance for the design and development of light weight wheelchairs (1982)
  • One of the Australian Jaycees' `Five Outstanding Young Australians' (NSW and ACT) (1980)
  • Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Trust Award - enabled purchase of manufacturing equipment. (1978)
  • Cadetship with Department of Agriculture (1975-77)


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Additional Skills

  • Strong writing, editing and print production skills;
  • Extensive experience with computer requirements and selection Win 95, NT4, Win 2000 and Mac;
  • Proficient with several word processing, spreadsheet, desk-top publishing, graphics, CAD and database packages on both PC and Macintosh;
  • Experienced with the use of scanners (graphics and OCR) and colour printing equipment;
  • Full Victorian Driver's Licence.
  • Project management and product manufacturing in timber, plastics, and metals;
  • Staff supervision and direction;
  • Staff training;
  • Liaison/negotiation in both Australian and international situations;
  • Design and permit applications for new personal home in difficult preservation area of Williamstown.

Leisure interests

Computing, bonsai, photography, stunt kite flying, water skiing, snow skiing (former Vice President of the Victorian Disabled Skiers' Association), SAAB Car Club, sailing.


Updated 3 July, 2000.

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